What do you learn from a 66 day long challenge ?

I naively started the #66daychallenge inspired from Gary Keller’s “The One Thing”, thinking I would either form a habit or forfeit and learn from it. I instead learnt about lot more than just forming a habit.
The first 10 days were super fun and exciting. I kept setting myself up for higher challenges and it was great! (Feb-4th 2016)
Here are the times I whined and horribly wrong:
1. The first flu hit me on the 11th day and I knew “oh crap”, I did not think this one through, I ended up working out but had to save up enough energy to get to the gym and hit the tread mill.
2. The weekend when I decided to go on long ride with my brother, I did not count in the fact that I would not be able to let my legs recover from the wear and tear. Bad move and I learnt quickly. However, the ride was totally worth every bit of it!
3. Day 43 was miserable, I changed into clipless pedals, fell on my ribs, and sat in the back of an SUV for 6 hours, got few hours of sleep before hitting the gym. It hurt like a bitch but was every bit worthy.
4. Day 44 I was still exhausted and now I am in San Diego with a bruised Rib, and a beautiful trail overlooking the room I stayed in. When someone says victory is bittersweet, I agree a 100%.
5. Day 64 when I almost at the end of my challenge and I contracted the HF fever. I for one thought I would not be able to complete the challenge but, I figured it counts as long as I have enough energy to walk to the gym and walk on the treadmill it still counts.
6. I finished on Sunday the 10th of April.
Here is what I learnt:
It does not take 66 days but just over 25~26 days as long as it is in the form that you love. For me it was biking and gym helped me get better at it.
It helps to plan ahead, I mean like a 6 month plan hacked down to every hour of the day. This, I figured was possible to a large extent because most of us end up doing the exact same activity every week. For instance, I bike on Saturdays and I go to the Farmer’s market on Sundays. So that leaves only the evening and those are as predictable as the weekend mornings.
When you start for work at 6:40 and come back home at 8:30 there is very little energy left and it is mostly a good thing.
You learn not to be a baby about anything, because you work out at night and no way can you feel low after a workout. Ta-Da !
What you eat is how you are going to be that day. For instance, If I want to have a good work out/meeting, I know I have to skip the Boba Tea, I will have a sugar crash and I need more sugar to recover and it’s an endless chain into that pit. Unless, it’s absolutely worth it :p
Laundry – You run out of biking/gym clothes real fast!
Clipless Pedals- Never take them in traffic if you have no experience until you get it into your muscle memory.
That is that! Until I come up with something new to test and learn from 😛
Sincere thanks to all those who have helped me, motivated me, for putting up with me and to the author for writing a book as inspiring as this !

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