Blog Posts

My blog posts range from Developer notes, mathematical calculations, GMAT cheat sheets, book reviews and some more of my random ramblings


This section is mostly my completed work using a range of different tools like paint.net, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and a few more


I love to paint, make jewelry(mostly earrings), make fun t-shirts and sketch.

Hi there !

My love for Engineering stems from wanting to build applications. Build user- friendly design. Just like any other avarage Jane, I have used tons of websites with bad design and hated it. Wondered why people designed product the way they did.

After years of struggligh through embedded systems and networking courses, I accidentally took a course that kick started my career in Development. I both cried out of hopelessness and later out of elation during the course of building my first application. If anything, my aim is to contribute to my community of Designers and Developers around the world.



Automation is the way of the future